How does Manning Asset Management monitor its portfolio?

Manning Asset Management monitors its portfolio on an ongoing basis. Cash is monitored daily and performance of the underlying exposures is monitored on an ongoing basis and formally reviewed at [...]

Are ESG considerations important to Manning Asset Management?

Yes. ESG considerations are incorporated into Manning Asset Management’s investment process. Manning Asset Management will analyse ESG risks, building the consideration of these into the overall [...]

How much data is available to Manning Asset Management when undertaking this due diligence?

Manning Asset Management’s proprietary 10 stage 100+ point detailed checklist requires significant detail and documentation to be provided to enable its completion. This is supplemented by [...]

How does Manning Asset Management do due diligence on opportunities?

Manning Asset Management follows its investment process in the selection and approval of opportunities. Firstly, Manning Asset Management considers the macro-economic environment and relevant [...]

What is Manning Asset Management’s investment experience?

Manning Asset Management was founded in 2015. The Manning Monthly Income Fund was launched in April 2016. Manning Asset Management has a team of investment professionals with over 100 years of [...]

Who is Manning Asset Management?

Manning Asset Management Pty Ltd (ACN 608 352 576, AFSL 509561) is an Australian based boutique fund manager that specialises in investments in fixed income assets. Our strategy is simple: we aim [...]