About Us

Manning Asset Management is a specialist private debt fund manager whose sole focus is the delivery of superior investor outcomes.

Our strategy is simple: we aim to be the leading fund manager in the emerging private debt asset class. With over 100 years of collective credit, legal, risk management, debt markets and investment management experience combined with a well-defined governance structure, our team is ready to extract maximum value from the market for you. Our existing investors have experienced strong performance since the Fund’s inception in April 2016.

Manning Asset Management is the investment manager for Manning Private Debt Fund (the Fund), an Australian domiciled unregistered unit trust.

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Our Investment Approach

Investing in credit requires a disciplined yet dynamic approach through the economic cycle. Simply chasing high returns has considerable embedded risk, which may be left undetected until there are eventual losses. Flexibility to move between different types of loans with differing risk/return characteristics can play a valuable role in protecting capital and realising the return potential of the asset class. With over 260 ADI and non-ADI lenders in Australia, investors have considerable choice as to how to build their portfolio and navigate the ongoing challenges that face any asset class. Manning Asset Management provides an alternative to investors doing it themselves being a custom-built fund manager designed to realise the full potential offered by the private debt asset class.

The analysis of risk factors within the investment process is the strongest determinant of future returns. The private debt market embodies its own unique risk characteristics which necessitate a tailored approach to investment and portfolio management. Manning Asset Management has incorporated leading thinking from investment management and banking, enabling a superior approach to risk management.