Webinar – Navigating Fixed Income to Achieve Optimal Risk-Adjusted Returns

In the face of an unpredictable economic environment, skilfully managed fixed income investments can provide attractive risk-adjusted returns. Like all asset classes, risks remain that, when poorly managed, can lead to unfavourable outcomes for investors. Join Portfolio Manager Josh Manning, Chief Investment Officer Adrian Bentley, and Investment Committee Member Paul Edwards as they discuss how Manning Asset Management leverages the team’s 100+ years of experience through credit market cycles to create an essential foundation for managing the firms’ portfolios.

The webinar will cover:

  • Lessons from 100 years of investing in Australian fixed income
  • Asset structuring
  • What the investment management team are watching and how we are positioning the portfolio over the quarter


The webinar will be presented by:

Josh Manning – Portfolio Manager and Founder

Adrian Bentley – Chief Investment Officer

Paul Edwards – Investment Committee Member and Executive Director

Juliet Shirbin – Head of Investment Solutions & Investor Relations



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