What are the main risks of investing in the Fund?


Like all investments, the Fund involves a level of risk. There are a number of risks of investing in the Fund. These include, but are not limited to:


Investment risk– risk that the investment (or the investment manager) may not perform as expected in meeting its targeted investment outcomes.

Regulatory risk – risk that changes in the regulatory environment impacts the Fund’s activities, investments or performance.

Geopolitical risk – risk that geopolitical factors may directly or indirectly impact the macroeconomic environment in which the Fund operates.

Legal and tax risks – risks that changes to legislation or tax legislation impact the Fund’s investments or performance.


Fund risks

Borrower default/credit – risk that underlying assets fail to repay.

Liquidity – risk that units in the Fund cannot be readily redeemed on demand or distributions paid in a timely manner.

Interest rate – risk that fluctuations in interest rates impact the valuation of Fund assets.

Operational – risk that operational matters adversely impact the Fund.

Counterparty – risk that external parties (including service providers engaged by counterparties) fail to perform their financial or non financial obligations.


Investors should, before deciding to invest, read the Information Memorandum and seek independent advice.

Manning Asset Management does not guarantee the performance or success of the Fund and you may lose some or all of the capital invested. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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